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Yale invites political operative as commencement speaker

The Yale Daily News revealed this week that “Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, will be the Yale School of Public Health’s 2014 commencement speaker. Dean of the School of Public Health Paul Cleary, announced the decision. He described Richards as “a recognized leader and advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights.”


Cecile Richards may be an accomplished individual, but describing her as a leader in the women’s health field is just wrong.

Read Ms. Richards’ biography on the Planned Parenthood website. Before joining PP, she was a union organizer; founded and led a voter registration and education group; and served as deputy chief of staff for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

She has no health care background. She is basically a political animal.

Since joining Planned Parenthood, Richards has been most active in the political arena. Working to elect Democratic candidates and working with the Obama administration to structure congressional bills to implement political agendas.

Planned Parenthood, the organization Richards leads, is NOT a health care organization. Planned Parenthood was instrumental in bringing abortion to the United States. It actually held a national conference on abortion in 1955 – 18 years before Roe v. Wade. As anyone with any sense knows, abortion is NOT health care.

Planned Parenthood also was the organization that brought death and illness to thousands of women. It financed the development of the birth control pill. The pill ushered in an era of sexually transmitted diseases, blood clots, hearts attacks, and increased breast cancer rates. Let’s remember that the World Health Organization states that combined oral contraceptives cause breast and cervical cancer in humans. The pill is NOT health care.

In addition, people forget that before the birth control pill, there were no known sexually transmitted viruses. All known STDs before that were bacterial.

An organization that brought abortion and the birth control pill to the United States is NOT a health care organization. It is, in fact, just the opposite.

To have Cecile Richards speak at the commencement of a school of public health is like asking Typhoid Mary to speak on the prevention of infectious diseases.

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